IBM Stock: Here’s Why You Should Buy in 2018

Posted On December 22, 2017 2:57 pm

IBM stock for 2017 didn’t make the ideal move, however, it have signs of turning around and doing better in 2018. While 2017 is coming to an end, the company rounds off with a bullish trend. IBM’s stock price has gradually and progressively diminished to more than eight percent. Despite this negative trend, there are reasons the stock would do well come 2018 and why it’s worth investing in.

Some of the IBM news for 2017 is actually good. IBM stock rose during the third-quarter because investors witnessed sufficient moves and expect that a 22-quarter line of moribund revenue of IBM may not last much longer.

The Cost of IBM Stock is Low

The fact that the stock isn’t costly alone is insufficient to turn around the bullish trend of a stock. However, it is much better that the IBM stock price continues to be inexpensive from a valuation point of view.

The present year’s earnings-per-share of “not less than 13.80 dollars shows that the IBM stock trades at 11 times earnings and at a related multiple to gratis flow of cash. A multiple regularly propose s a moderate turn down in the future performance of the stock. A review of the multiple of the previous 2 years and 2017 shows good sign. The in-sync net income reduced by 11 percent year-over-year in 2016. In 2015, the adjusted net income reduced by twelve percent. What we have seen for this year, 2017, shows a moderate boost in EPS of roughly two percent, but chances are that the net revenue would show an average fall while the EPS gains from re-buying of shares.

IBM stock forecast for 2018

Year Mo Min Max Close Mo,% Total%
2017 Dec 147 165 156 0.6% 0.8%
2018 Jan 148 166 157 0.6% 1.4%
2018 Feb 149 167 158 0.6% 2.1%
2018 Mar 156 176 166 5.1% 7.3%
2018 Apr 157 177 167 0.6% 7.9%
2018 May 156 176 166 -0.6% 7.3%
2018 Jun 149 167 158 -4.8% 2.1%
2018 Jul 149 169 159 0.6% 2.7%
2018 Aug 144 162 153 -3.8% -1.1%
2018 Sep 136 154 145 -5.2% -6.3%
2018 Oct 131 147 139 -4.1% -10.2%
2018 Nov 136 154 145 4.3% -6.3%
2018 Dec 143 161 152 4.8% -1.8%


The 11 multiple reduction indicates low expectations from investors. The reason is likely due to long time decline of the stock both on the top and bottom lines. The future of IBM stock looks a bit promising given that a downtrend appears more or less priced in. What this implies is that it is not a stock price in a turnaround but if it does happen, the IBM stock price will experience sufficient trend turn. This would likely be due to the mixture of earnings growth and numerous expansions.

The IBM News is improving

There is no conclusive evidence that IBM stock price would make a complete u-turn. However, there are cues that even it does not, it is likely to reverse back to income growth, an essential step in the right direction.

IBM stock is projected to be among those that would gain from adopting bitcoin and blockchain.  Despite few signs of weakness of IBM, there are potential for growth in cloud, IoT (Internet of Things), and artificial intelligence. Analyst projection for 2018 shows that IBM may record only 0.1 percent falls in revenue YOY.

IBM’s CPU business has been on the decline but the Q3 convention summoning shows that the company is set for series of fresh upgrade cycle for the sector. The storage sector of IBM has also been on the decline for years due to price reduction caused by flash alternatives and this has greatly affected IBM. The good news, however, is that there’s room for a bounce back in this sector in the nearest future. This is one of the positive signs to consider the stock for 2018.

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