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This New Technology Could Unleash an $800 Billion Windfall; Here’s How to Get In Early

Investing in new, groundbreaking technology before it really takes off is every investor’s dream.

Just look at the investors who jumped into Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) back in 1994, before the breakthrough Windows 95 was released.

Maybe you thought personal computing was a niche market that would never take off. Or maybe you thought Microsoft would get lost in the shuffle once bigger players jumped in the market.

A $1,000 stake in 1994 would now be worth a whopping $34,910 today.

Consider the more recent example of early investors in Tesla Inc. (Nasdaq: TSLA).

Maybe you weren’t convinced electric cars could ever compete with the power and convenience of combustion engines. Maybe Ford Motor Co. (NYSE: F) would steamroll the upstarts if it ever worked.

A $1,000 stake in Tesla in 2010 would be worth an eye-popping $18,421 today.

Don’t sweat it if you didn’t pull the trigger on one of these trades.

Every investor has a story about the trade that could’ve made them rich. It’s part of the game.

But what if there’s another opportunity to invest in a radical new technology – one that is just at the cusp of its potential – and you can still get in early? Would you miss out again?

It turns out there is.

A small, little-known company is sitting at the heart of the wireless power industry. And while most people know wireless power from the groundbreaking new wireless phone chargers, the industry has a massive, $800 billion potential.

In short, this industry has far more potential than just phone chargers.

And an early investment in this one company could be worth even more than an early stake in Microsoft or Tesla.

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Here’s Your $78,000 Opportunity

Wireless power is a stunning breakthrough that powers up electronics without plugs and cords, and it is now set to revolutionize the world. And with the potential to have $800 billion pouring into the market, this is a once-in-a-lifetime profit opportunity for investors who know where to look.

It’s a transformation every bit as monumental as when the world went from candles to light bulbs.

With NanoCrystal Electricity, everything will magically run everywhere – and anywhere – on its own.

Cell phones, blenders, even cars. With this new electricity, your electric razor, clocks, watches, power tools, and remote controls will never run out of power again.

Even medical devices like pacemakers could run on NanoCrystal Electricity.

No wonder research firm MarketsandMarkets estimates that a key component of NanoCrystal Electricity will create a $17.71 billion windfall – just in the medical device market alone.

Make no mistake: The impact of this new electricity will be beyond anything you’ve witnessed in your lifetime.

So when you run through all the electronics, entire industries, technologies, and infrastructures that could be affected by this new NanoCrystal Electricity when it goes fully mainstream, the numbers are unfathomable.

After all, electricity accounts for about 40% of the U.S. annual $1.2 trillion energy expense, making it the biggest elephant in the room.

That amounts to about $800 billion that could potentially pour into this magic power technology in the coming years – just in the United States alone.

And that’s creating the type of moneymaking opportunity you may never have again.

You see, at the center of this revolution sits one tiny company that’s about to go from virtual obscurity to household name.

Its revolutionary technology is about to fully commercialize NanoCrystal Electricity and bring it onto the world stage.

Its invention simply takes full advantage of the invisible radio wave frequencies all around us.

And it’s secured 58 patents so far, with another 200 pending. That’s enough already to ensure it’ll have total domination of this $800 billion or more market.

Meaning this stock could go vertical.

And not over the next decade – over the next two to three years.

So it’s not a stock you’ll want, or even need, to put a major stake on, should you choose to invest.

You could experience massive gains with even a tiny investment.

*This has been a guest post by Money Morning*

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