Facebook Stock Suffers Largest Decline in 4 Years – Here’s What to Do Next

Posted On March 22, 2018 2:23 pm

Facebook stock suffered its largest one-day decline (by percentage points) in nearly four years on Monday and was the primary catalyst for the steep drop in the markets. The stock closed 6.8% lower as it was reported that Cambridge Analytica (a political analysis firm) collected and stored data from 50 million users’ accounts without permission.

Now this has the financial news networks driving investor fears about owning tech stocks through the roof.  And unfortunately, when these kinds of things happen, the question then becomes whether or not you should dump everything you own.

But my direction to you is the same as it always has been.

Don’t get caught up in the noise and forced commentary of the talking heads who sensationalize recent events to get their ratings – and their revenue – up.

Plus, when a stock is really headed to Wall Street purgatory, we’ll sound the alarm. You see, my colleague Shah Gilani is the only person who can identify which stocks have an almost 100% chance of working in your favor.

And in terms of dumping your tech stocks, especially Facebook Inc. (Nasdaq: FB), that’s the worst thing you could do to your portfolio right now.

Here’s why.

Facebook Isn’t Done – Here’s Why It’s Not Going Anywhere Anytime Soon

I get it. When things of this magnitude happen, especially when they deal with private information, it’s easy to jump the gun. But the truth is, social media is a staple of our society – and despite a data breach, it’s not going anywhere.

But on the other hand, when things like this happen, you begin to wonder if there should be more government regulation – or something that could keep this from happening.

And that’s exactly what may happen.

The companies that advertise on Facebook could come under more scrutiny, with the government now watching how they use the data they try to get from using Facebook.  And this could easily sway companies away from advertising on Facebook – which would decrease revenue majorly.

That may or may not happen, but the looming possibility has impacted FB stock in a big way.

Right now, you can read and hear talk of this misuse of data being a big deal and that Facebook will suffer at the hand of it, but at the same time, others are stating the percent earnings per share and revenue growth are still strong and will remain strong for Facebook despite this occurrence.

The truth is, if people remain loyal to Facebook, so will advertisers. Companies want to put their ads where they will be seen, and with the millions of Facebook users, it’s an easy audience to reach.

And with Facebook hiring a digital forensics firm to investigate the actions of Cambridge Analytica and suspending the political analysis firm from Facebook’s platform, I believe they’re taking all the right steps to make the best of a bad situation.

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