Where Will Facebook Be in 5 Years?

Posted On October 5, 2018 1:58 pm

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Over two years ago, Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that in five years most of the content on the social networking platform (and its most shared content) would be video.

At the time, Facebook Live had just gone global and was apparently a pet project of Zuckerberg, so his boast is understandable. It is now 2.5 years since his prediction, and though video is certainly much more prevalent on Facebook, it doesn’t look as if it’s anywhere near becoming the dominant format.

Since Facebook’s founder was somewhat off on his predictions, why don’t we take a guess at where the platform will be in the next five years.

Video will be the dominant content

Just because Zuckerberg’s timing was off doesn’t mean he was completely wrong. Video willcome to dominate the content we see on Facebook. During the social network’s second-quarter earnings call, Zuckerberg cited eMarketer data that says a quarter of the world’s population will watch video on a mobile device this year. He sees the trend continuing not only with Facebook, but also on Instagram, where users are watching more video content from creators, as well as on WhatsApp and Messenger, where more video calls are being made.

Also, marketers are creating more video ads using new Facebook tools designed to help make video ads easier to produce.

Ads Animator uses photos and other existing content on a company’s Facebook page to make a video, and…

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