4 “Buy Rated” 5G Stocks to Own Before 2021

4 “Buy Rated” 5G Stocks to Own Before 2021

Posted On November 11, 2020 2:41 pm

The 5G rollout is in full swing, and several telecom stocks are ascending to new highs. The pressing question is which specific stocks are best suited for the 5G transition.

Don’t invest your limited time studying the nuances of each telecom stock in an attempt to pinpoint those most likely to benefit from the move to 5G. Instead, let us do the work for you.

Below, we highlight four “Buy Rated” 5G stocks to scoop up before the new year starts: NVIDIA (NVDA), Broadcom (AVGO), T-Mobile (TMUS) and Crown Castle International Corporation (CCI).

NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA)

NVDA will benefit from the shift to 5G in that its graphics card power data centers, computers and 5G networks. In short, device and networks poised to benefit from 5G technology should push NVDA to new heights. NVDA has teamed up with Ericsson to improve the efficiency of 5G networks. This corporate partnership will seal gaps in network infrastructures where carriers could not use bandwidth. The company’s GPUs enhance network intelligence, helping telecoms use virtual radio access networks that operate on virtual machines. The use of a virtual machine empowers telecom operators to transfer bandwidth to new locations reducing both capital and operating costs.

Add in the fact that 5G will hike the need for comparably small data centers to minimize latency and hasten processing times and the need for GPUs will rise even more. Check out the NVDA POWR Ratings and you will find the stock has “B” grades in the Industry Rank, Buy & Hold and Trade Grade components. NVDA is ranked 15th of 86 stocks in the Semiconductor and Wireless Chip category.

Out of the 31 analysts to have studied the stock, 26 recommend it as a Buy, four recommend it as a Hold and only one recommends selling. Look for NVDA to climb toward $600 as the year rounds out.

Broadcom (AVGO)

AVGO, a semiconductor business that operates across the world, is a chipmaker poised to benefit form the shift to 5G. AVGO’s chip business facilities the use of 5G with smartphones. Analysts anticipate AVGO profits will spike 13% across the upcoming fiscal year. AVGO provides an attractive dividend of 3.42%.

If you are still on the fence as to whether AVGO is worthy of your investing dollars, consider the fact that the stock has…

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